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A Room for a Princess: Part 2

Thanks for tuning in for part two.  So far the ideas I’ve shared have been fun, but I don’t know about winning the best aunt ever award.  That would come from making her feel like a real princess.

Near West End traditional-kids

25,000 SF of Luxury traditional-kids

Little Girl's Bedroom traditional-kids

Traditional Kids traditional-kids

Silverado - Jayman MasterBUILT eclectic-kids

Architectural photography eclectic-kids

She would also need a way to work out all of that extra energy she has.

Peninsula Point Residence transitional-kids

Contemporary Kids contemporary-kids

Bohemian Apartment Girl's Playhouse eclectic-kids

Bohemian Apartment Indoor Playhouse eclectic-kids

Beach Style Kids beach-style-kids

Peace, Love, Rock 'N' Roll By Susan Subbotin Interiors eclectic

Eclectic Kids eclectic-kids

The Summer Cottage eclectic-kids

Since all of this  has gone in a larger then life direction, why stop with her room.  If I’m going to get the best aunt ever award, I may need to take it outside too.

Mod Tree House contemporary-landscape

The Most Incredible Kids' Tree House You'll Ever See? eclectic-landscape

Traditional Kids traditional-landscape

So what do you think? Did I accomplish my goal?  Which one is your favorite?  Of course most of this is way more then I could ever do, but it was fun to day dream in candy land for a bit.