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Master Bedroom Nursery

So we all know that Maximus isn’t really sleeping,  but this is what my pre-baby imagination came up with.  Since my second bedroom serves so many roles as it is, making it the babies room wouldn’t work.  Also, I wanted to have him close to me for the first couple years for what has now turned into 1am screamfests. I’m a complete zombie when woken up in the middle of the night and making it across the room to check on him is already hard enough, so it’s probably better he’s not in another room.

The space between my closet door and bedroom door was freed up last year, after my closet renovation. I’ll post more about that later, but I no longer needed my armoire in the bedroom, leaving a perfect place for a crib.


My problem was, that I didn’t want it to feel like there was a random crib just placed in my room.  My goal was to create an area that defined the space for the baby within the room, so I started looking on Houzz for nursery ideas and I came across this picture.

The idea of adding extra storage is a no-brainer in my small house.  I also love the idea of having books on display, since reading to the baby is so important to me.  The cabinets reminded me of the kids cabinets that I’ve seen at Ikea and who doesn’t looooove a good reason to go wondering around Ikea?  If you’re anything like me, you go to Ikea for one thing and after entering the rabbit hole, you leave with things you didn’t know you needed.  Ikea is slowly taking over every room in my house. So when I saw this cabinet, the wheels in my head started turning.

SILVERÅN High cabinet with mirror door IKEA

Now I know it’s a bathroom medicine cabinet, but hear me out. I originally wanted a mirror to put on that wall, so I thought this would be perfect to pull double duty. I was also looking for the ledge shelves that I have in my living room, for the books to go on, but for some reason my Ikea doesn’t seem to carry them anymore.  Thankfully Pinterest has a million ideas on how to make them on your own.  I don’t even remember what site I went to, but it was something like THIS.  I ended up using left over trim that I had from my closet renovation to create the same look. In case you were wondering, this does not impede the closet door. That would drive me nuts if it did.

I got lucky and found a random bassinet in the back of a TJ Maxx for $20.  Sometimes it pays to go wondering around stores for no reason.  It was perfect, since it had wheels to roll him from room to room as a newborn and it fit between my bed and the wall at night.

I also found a picture of crocheted jelly fish on pinterest, so my mom made me a couple to hang from the ceiling.  They still need eyes and a mouth MOM, but I think they are cute!

It took until he was 2 months old, to find a picture to hang over his bed.  I didn’t want anything that was too expected.  I think this has the perfect amount of child like whimsy with a coastal theme that still matches the rest of the room.  Now I wish I could find more animals to go with him.  Couldn’t you just picture Llama Llama red pajama, hanging out with Peter Rabbit on the beach?

This is what his section of the room looks like today.  It turns out, a regular size crib wouldn’t fit between the two doors, so I ordered this (affiliate link) Mini Crib on Amazon.  It fits perfect and he still has plenty of room to grow. I like how the natural wood matches the cabinet too.

This is my side of the room.  What do you think?  Do the two sides look cohesive?  I feel like the lighting in these pictures aren’t doing it justice.

What do you think?

Rooms that Inspire

Making Room for a Baby

I’ve been in my house now for 3yrs and the number one question I received over and over again when I was pregnant was, “Are you going to move?” And give up an affordable mortgage in St. Petersburg? Not to mention an affordable mortgage close to down town? Are you crazy?  “But where are you going to put the baby?” Most people would think that living in a 624 sq ft house doesn’t leave much room for a baby.  To give you an idea, this is the layout of my house.

First, I started thinking about how the living room would work. While I loved the Mid-Century design of my couches, they were less then comfortable during my pregnancy.  The idea of sleepless nights and mornings, nursing my newborn on them became less and less appealing.  So, I posted them on craigslist to see what kind of interest I would get. I couldn’t believe it, after 1 week posted, I was offered $700.  They were 6 years old!  SOLD!!


My desk was the hardest to part with, but I was going to need space for his toys and activity centers.  My grandfather made the desk and the chair, so I’m storing them in the garage until I can find a home in the future.  That meant that everything that was stored in it, would have to find a new home.


This craigslist dresser has become my entertainment center and storage for my crafts, board games, and now everything from my desk.  I ran the power cords up the back of the dresser and into the top drawer to hide my laptop and tablet.


Another thing that had to go was the coffee table and rug. Just as I suspected, we spend most of the day playing on the floor and while the coffee table took up too much space, the rug was just old and dirty.  I replaced the table with an ottoman for toy storage and found a new rug online.

Here is what it looks like today.

It’s still a work in progress, but I love having a sectional.  It’s great having extra seating when people are over.  I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find one that would fit between the wall and the front door.  All of the smaller sectionals seem to be loveseat & chase combos.  I ended of finding this one at Havertys.

I miss the coffee table. The ottoman is not exactly what I had in mind.  I bought it online at Target during Black Friday sales last year. It works great for quick clean up after he goes to bed and it doesn’t close on its own, so no worries about injuries for my little man.  It’s just not the right color or size and it doesn’t slide around as easily as I hoped it would.
The rug on the other hand, was a great find from Joss & Main.  Did I mention the other rug was dirty and old? I thought it would probably be a good idea for the baby to have a clean one to play on.

This is what the other side of the room looks like these days.  I figure this area will be changed out quite a bit as he gets older.


What do you think? Do you have a suggestions or tips?  What would you do differently?