Sailing Dreams

Last weekend I had the opportunity to tour America’s Largest Tall Ship, U.S. Coast Gaurd Cutter Eagle.

I’ll admit, I did tour for completely selfish reasons. For one, I’m thinking about taking sailing lessons and before Sunday, I had never been on an actual sailboat. Second, I knew this would be a great opportunity to take photos up close and personal. In the end though, I was in ahh to learn the ships history and see what great shape it was still in. Since you weren’t able to be there with me, please enjoy this visual tour.


The Eagle was built in 1936 as a training vessel for German Navy cadets and was used as such throughout WWII. It was originally named Horst Wessel, but after WWII it was captured and seized as a war prize for the United States. So on May 15, 1946 it was commissioned to the U.S. Coast Guard as the Eagle.


Today the Eagle is used as a seagoing classroom for around 176 cadets and instructors for the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.


That is, when it’s not docked in port and giving free tours to the locals, which is how I was able to board this history museum on the sea.








Hopefully I will start my sailing lessons next month, but don’t expect me to be on anything of this size any time soon. I will be starting out on something in the 14′ range.


Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.”

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