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Personalizing Your Pictures

Recently I was looking for something “Happy” to hang over my couch in the livingroom, but everywhere I went seemed to have the same boring things.livingroom1

Solution: Make something myself……

  Since, I don’t have fancy photo software on my computer, I started at to see what options they offered.  There, I was able to make a photo collage printed on poster board.  The program on Walgreens website was great, because there were so many collage styles to choose from.  Once I picked the style I wanted I just needed to upload my pictures and drop them in the size box I wanted.  Plus, you can’t beat the instant gratification of picking up the printed version the same night.  It turned out great, but it wasn’t the right size for my wall.   After a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics, here’s what I came up with.


Supplies: Burlap, Blank Canvas, Staple Gun, Glue, Poster board


Step 1: Iron creases out of Burlap


Step 2: Staple Burlap to Canvas


Step 3: Glue Poster board to Burlap and add a couple embellishments


Step 4: Stand back and enjoy

Here are some other ideas on how to display you favorite pictures…..


Take a basic frame and personalize it.


Use a white colored pencil to label where your pictures were taken.  Psst..It can be erased and re-labeled when you want to switch out the pictures.


DSC01209   DSC01210

  Grab some mismatched frames and your favorite art and place them together on ledge shelves for some added color.

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