Movie Review- "Home Run"

I had the opportunity this weekend to see a positive movie called “Home Run” that I felt the need to pass on.  “Home Run” is a Christian based movie about a baseball player trying to cope with his past and overcome his alcohol addition.  This move really hit home for me, no pun intended, because as a kid I to suffered as family members struggled with alcohol addiction.

I felt like this movie was a good depiction of what people go through when trying to overcome this disease.  As well, how it affects their friends and family. It was refreshing that they were able to make such a strong point without crossing any lines.  The movie left me thinking….. What kind of man would my family member be today if he didn’t pass away before he was able to maintain his sobriety?

We are all struggling with things in our lives.  Just remember, Monday is not just the start of a new work week, it can also be the start of a new way of life.

That was my public service announcement for the day.  Now go see this movie.


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