When I was younger, my brother and I used to spend all day during the summer riding our bikes all over town. Back when it was $3.00 to go to the movies. Fast forward to the present and I haven’t rode a bike in, I don’t know how many years. That was until a month ago when I finally bought a new bike.  Now I wasn’t about to spend a lot of money on a bike.  I mean a bike is a bike right?  So I went to my local big box store and picked out my cute, preppy bike.


I was so excited the first two days.  Carlos, my boyfriend, and I rode our bikes all over our new town.


c   cb1

  Turns out, however, there is a difference.  For one, the poor bike wouldn’t stop changing gears.  I’m sure I might have been able to get it fixed, but I wasn’t spending money on a bike and then immediately spending more money to fix it.  Also, something about the seat and the pedals always seemed to close together to me.  It was like I needed to bend to sit and pedal at the same time.  So I returned it.  Which put me in the market for a new bike again.  This time I went to a lot of different bike shops to really learn the difference.

  Let’s just say, this one did not come home with me.                                      But this one did!

coke bike                newbike

Sure it isn’t as preppy and sweet as the other bike, but it matches my car nicely and WOW is there a difference.  It’s like the bike pedals itself.  Before I could hardly keep up with Carlos and now he can hardly keep up with me. The breaks have grips, the seat is so comfortable, and I don’t have to bend to sit and pedal at the same time.  Lucky for me Clearwater is covered in bike trails.

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