Hi! My name is Jackie.  I started this blog to document my journey of re-inventing my life based on what makes me happy.  After 13 years in Orlando Fl, I just wasn’t laughing or smiling anymore.  I was spending every weekend driving to one side of the state or the other to spend time on the coast.  So I decided to move to Clearwater Fl and actually live on the coast again.  There’s just something about the water that calms my soul and inspires me.  Later I ended up buying my first house in St. Petersburg Fl.  I was ACTUALLY HAPPY, But NOTHING could prepare me for what was to come.

On December 29th 2016, I gave birth to the most incredible baby boy and I am so blessed and honored to be his mother. For reasons I still don’t fully understand, my son’s father has chosen not to be a part of his life at this time. Being a single mother has shown me a strength I never knew I had. I can honestly say I have never been more happy in my entire life…….Annnnnnd tired. So come join me on my “Reef” while I try and figure it all out.  Along the way I’ll share some of the things that keep me motivated like DIY projects, exercise, inspiring quotes, traveling, and baby products that make my life easier.


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